The human body is an amazing complex and resilient thing. Our immune systems are generally a force unto themselves, but there are ways you can help your body’s natural defence before during and after battle.

What is our immune system?

To put a complex explanation simply, our immune systems are a collection of cells and proteins found in our blood and organs that act as a defence system against attacking invading germs and infections.

How does your immune system work?

Our bodies produce proteins known as ‘antibodies’ and specialised cells that recognise and destroy foreign cells and bacteria in the body.  Our immune system also maps and stores information about invaders to recall how to fight them if they return.

Boosting your immune system with food

A healthy diet is key to developing and maintaining a good immune system. There are certain foods that are known to be especially beneficial to the immune system due to their quantities of certain vitamins and minerals.

Garlic and ginger

Garlic holds a high level of sulphur compounds that are great for the immune system such as amino acid ‘allicin’ which is found in fresh garlic.

Ginger is known as a great anti-inflammatory and nausea supplement as well as an immunity booster.

Spinach and broccoli

Green is always good (when cooked as little as possible!) Both spinach and broccoli have high quantities of vitamin C and antioxidants our bodies use for fighting infections.

Citrus fruits

Fruits such as oranges, strawberries, mandarins etc. produce high amounts of vitamin C, which is known for its ability to increase white blood cells crucial to our immune system.

Exercise but don’t over do it

Moderate regular exercise leaves the body feeling nice and healthy, and when our bodies are healthy, it puts us in a better position to fight infections.  We also know that exercise helps reduce stress by producing natural endorphins, and that stress can inhibit your immune system’s full capabilities.

Take care not to over-train, as this can have the opposite effect by wearing your body down and reducing your ability to fight of germs and infections.

Get some sleep

Our bodies use sleep to rejuvenate and consolidate while we rest. Our immune systems use this time to produce and distribute crucial proteins and cells that make our body’s main defences stronger. A lack of good quality sleep means your body may not be producing these little solders as effectively which can lower your immune system and make you vulnerable to attacks.