Spinal health is something that we take for granted when we are younger. Slouching in your chair, attempting backflips on a trampoline, laying in impossible positions on the couch ….. with your spine not even an afterthought!

In the 21st century, sedentary activities are increasingly popular, from binging on Netflix to social media scrolling on your phone, not to mention long hours spent sitting at the computer for work or study. Our posture is severely suffering.

Here are some of the main consequences that can occur due to bad posture.

Prolonged muscle tension

A common complaint of people with bad posture is the aches and pains they feel in their muscles. Particularly lower back and shoulders. Headaches can become more frequent with tension through the upper back and neck muscles.

Slouching positions such as leaning your head forward and down to read a monitor or while looking at your phone puts additional pressure on the cervical spine and muscles tend to become overworked by attempting to counterbalance the forward tilt. The longer the strained position is held, the more likely the muscles become strained and result in lots of aches and pains.

Poor circulation

Good circulation is vital for our overall health and in the prevention of many serious health problems such as heart attack and strokes as well as overall muscle health and repair.

Bad posture prevents your body from creating the important circulation it needs and can contribute to more severe health conditions over time such as varicose veins and cardiovascular disease.

Digestive issues

Slouching at your desk or hunching over while you’re in a seated position compresses your abdominal area and digestive system. Putting pressure on your bladder through this compression means you can inhibit the pelvic floor’s role of holding the bladder’s pressure and may result in incontinence due to the stress on those areas. 

The compression of your digestive tract over long periods (ie at your desk all day) can restrict your body’s ability to process and digest foods properly which could lead to problems like heartburn, reflux and can force the stomach acid back up the oesophagus. 

Increased fatigue

The body works hard to complete the essential tasks that it needs to function.  When there is added strain, the body has to work even harder. Bad posture can send your body into working overtime, battling against constricting circulation, compressed organs, muscle tension and the pain associated with them.

When your body has to work harder, you become fatigued. Fatigue can mean you are less likely to get up and moving which is exactly what your body needs, creating a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.

And now the good news ……

The good news is that regular massage therapy can help relieve muscle tension, so it will help ease pain or tightness you might be feeling from postural conditions. We may also be able to help you with corrective movements and stretches which will help you loosen up even more. So why not give us a call today or go online to book an appointment at www.simplynaturalmassagetherapy.com.au  What have you got to loose?…. nothing!  But plenty to gain, like better posture, overall health and a better nights sleep.